What Is Smart Byte? Do We Disable or Enable it?

Here, Smart Byte is a software application. It is pre-installed on some modern Dell laptops/systems. Thus, its principal aim is to prioritize the data packets to maximize the speed for entertainment & communication services to stream videos, improve the web browsing experience, and perform a video chat.


This blog will cover uninstalling, disabling the software, and how to stop it permanently installing itself. The causes it has if established & what happens if we remove it from the system.


Should We disable Smart byte?


Here, the answer to this question depends solely on an individual & his experience with Smart Byte.  There are specific guidelines that supporter that one must not uninstall the software. Some techies suggest that you can disable it for a few periods & see the results. Therefore, the easiest method to remove it is through the ‘Task Manager.’ Here, you may read more information’s about What is SmartByte in this article.


To remove, follow the below steps from your system.


  • Here, you need to press all these three buttons at one go – Control + Shift+ Escape button from your keyboards.
  • Here, you will get the Task Manager Pop-up.
  • Now, you can search for Startup Tab.
  • Then, you will search for ‘Smart Byte utility’ & disable it.
  • It will remove the Smart Byte from your systems.


Another method to remove it from your Dell machines:


You have to go to Control Panel & uninstall the application from there. Here, it can do the same from the command prompt.

Search for third-party software, or you can search for Uninstaller software to remove this from your systems.

Now, you need to uninstall it from your Windows 10, right-click on the START menu, search for “Apps &Features.” You can also search for Smart Byte through scrolling & uninstall it after you get it.

You can have over one of these apps installed, perform the same process, and get rid of it.


Here, Smart byte driver & its services are a software application tool which automatically detects available internet connection for different surfing activities. Thus, while you are streaming a video, it will provide all the available Internet connections for the streams. Therefore, this utility app is by default enabled on some systems. These are combinedly using with an Intel plus Realtek wireless chip.


Here, the Dell laptops with windows ten are sometimes experienced issues with this software. Here in this blog, we have also enclosed some methods to fix it.


How do we turn off Dell Smart byte?


Here you can also ‘turn off’ this from your Dell computer. You also need to understand that this software will be still existing on your Dell systems. Hence, you have to follow these steps to turn off the Dell Smart byte.


  • Here, you have to press the “Windows Logo” Key with the Q button from your keyboard to open the search prompt.
  • You can also enter the keyword ‘Smart Byte’ in the search prompt.
  • Here, you should click on the Smart Byte app in the search view.
  • You may also find a slider in front of the Smart Byte application, move it to the right & turn it off from the user interface.


You need to check your Network issues like these are sometimes complex. Thus, it’s difficult to isolate as it varies to different factors & parameters.


Does Smart byte slow the internet?


Here, if you are manually trying to adjust Smart Byte & its speed limits, it might cause the slowdown of the internet. It conducts a speed test when it loads for the very first time. Hence, it saves all the values in terms of your max usable bandwidth speeds to determine when to restrict specific applications & services which are not under latency-sensitive categories.

Also, If connectivity issues are there while performing Speed tests like a poor strength in wireless signal or, say, interference in wireless radio, in these cases, Smart Byte records those speeds that are slower than what your connection provider can provide. Hence, in all these cases, manual adjustments in the Smart Byte settings are the best option. But it slows the internet connectivity.